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Breedlove Nursery & Landscape

We bring landscape dreams to life.

We want to welcome you to the Breedlove Nursery & Landscape website. Our hope is that you will see beyond the words and photos to the heart of who we are, and how we can bring beauty to your doorstep. As our founder, Jesse Breedlove said, “Beauty is our business” – and 90 years later, we couldn’t agree more. We are nurserymen. We know the soil and the cycles of nature. We are landscape architects. We understand the beauty of nature and how it relates to structures and people. By combining these two disciplines, we achieve for you an outdoor space that results in a timeless landscape that will thrive for years. Multidisciplinary projects are our specialty. Our staff is licensed, certified, talented, trained and energetic. And we’re eager to help.

Nursery Tyler TX

Our Nursery

Inspiration greets you at the front door of our nursery and follows you through 4 acres of beauty… from flowers to showering shade trees, pathways to garden structures, statues and fountains. Tillie, the shop dog may join you, and certainly the chickens will come. Come. Enjoy. Get Inspired.
Landscape Architects Tyler TX

Landscape Architecture

Landscaping begins with a dream. Your dream meets the experience and expertise of our staff and results in an outdoor space that will enhance your life. Whether its small or estate, residential or commercial, rooftop gardens or park-like spaces – our process is the same… Dream. Design. Create. Build.

Irrigation System Installation & Repair Tyler TX

Irrigation Services

The only thing in Texas that will thrive without irrigation is a parking lot. Proper watering is crucial. Too much can be just as bad as not enough. A properly installed irrigation system is necessary for whatever is growing outside your window. Let us help you get it right.

Landscape Maintenance Service Tyler TX

Property Services

Proper management of your outdoor space is necessary to keep it looking its best. Our staff is trained, informed and courteous. We know the importance of timing for services such as irrigation, trimming, fertilizing and treatments your outdoor space requires.

Whether small home or estate sized vacation retreat, our professionals are your feet on the ground, for total property care.

I love this place. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. They have what you’d expect a nursery to have as far as seasonal flowering plants, but also a huge selection of roses, azaleas, shrubs, and trees.

Family time in the backyard has never looked so good.

We’re ready to help you transform your yard into the memory-making landscape it should be.