Breedlove Landscape Landscape Architecture A Little Garden Magic

Magic is a little hard to find these days…..that is if you don’t equate magic with all sorts of electronic devices that cause things to appear out of thin air. No, the kind of magic I’m talking about is something unexpectedly out of the ordinary, but with a bit of the everyday mixed in.

Imagine that an azalea has died in your front yard and amongst your Saturday errands is the task of replacing it. You are running late and frankly, Breedloves is a tad out of the way (unless you’re at the soccer fields, Willowbrook, heading to connect the new loop 49, picking up a visitor at the airport, or ordering coffee at the newest Starbucks in town; but I digress).

You pull in, parking under the shade of a Live Oak tree. Not really feeling conversational, you avoid the friendly folk inside and start down the road near the water feature. The splashing sound and darting fish catch your eye, but on a mission to find that one azalea, you hurry on. Dismay sets in as you realize you forgot to bring a bloom to match. It is azalea trail time, and before you are a rainbow of colors, none of which you can choose as your own! Harumff!! Your steps slow enough to survey the beauty. Like colors in a crayon box, you had forgotten how many there are, and how luminously they blend together.

Lost in thought, you are startled by a sudden breeze and chimes ringing……sounding like church bells you once heard in England. Looking up you notice a bell tower……where did that come from? And what are those other structures…..a curved wall, a crumbling turret; is that an owl perched overhead? And what in the world is in the middle? A little stacked stone cottage whose layers look more like Graham crackers than stone. A jagged window reveals a red capped gnome. A windswept sasanqua covers the front corner. Benches and rocks are scattered for resting….sheep graze out back, and a black one seems to be escaping through a hole in the hedge. You have discovered our folly.

You laugh out loud and relax for the first time today.

A little garden magic? Maybe. A lot of hard work? Certainly. The blessing of working in God’s creation? Absolutely!

We at Breedloves are surrounded by a team of people who are craftsmen. People skilled at their tasks of planting, trimming, building stone structures, making your sprinklers work. People skilled at drawing gardens on paper, then planting that picture in your front yard. People that order, stock,sell, all with a smile. People that answer questions and solve problems. All people who love what they do and it shows.

Come on out one day this spring. Wander around and see the new plants or pots, and the folly. Get what you need or get nothing. But either way, you’ll leave with a sprinkling of garden magic.

Breedlove Landscape Landscape Architecture A Little Garden Magic