Breedlove Landscape Landscape Architecture PLANTING HAPPINESS for 85 YEARS

Planting happiness is one of our slogans at Breedlove’s. Not certain of its origins, we give credit to Paul’s grandfather, Jesse Breedlove, founder of our company. Only thing is, I can’t see a big, burly rose farmer back in the late 20’s saying anything about planting happiness; he was too busy working. But he did manage to sell Tyler rose bushes over the radio via the Grand Ole Opry. I quite imagine that lent some happiness to those bleak depression years.

Eighty five years later we are still planting happiness…not just rose bushes, but flower gardens, azalea gardens, formal gardens, shade trees, magnolias, camellia and sasanqua gardens, commercial landscapes, and rooftop gardens.

We build follies, stone patios and stream beds, fireplaces, waterfalls, gazebos and trellis work; all called the hardscape that completes the landscape. Our work takes us outside everyday, and we thank God for it.

We have resisted the urge to migrate southward, past the shopping malls and new neighborhoods, and focus instead where our roots are. Yes, we’d love to be more convenient to you, our treasured friend in the garden, but that would mean leaving behind the rambling acres where the family horses watch as you select a tree from the hilltop near their pasture. Their soft nicker distracts you from the Burr Oaks, Red Oaks and Maples in their 45, 65, and 100 gallon pots. You were imagining the shade they would cast upon your home. Over near the crape myrtles a cloud of bees are humming as they conjure up their magical nectar. We carry 35 varieties of Japanese Maples, because we love them and you do too. Fish dart in the waterfall and old trees rustle way overhead.

When it’s hot, there is icy bottled water in a fountain, and when it’s cold, coffee from the local Starbucks. And every so often, scones or pastries from a budding culinary professional.

Many thanks go to the generations of family, past and present, who have helped build Breedlove’s into what we are today. And a hearty thank you to our dedicated and talented staff who feel more like family than employees.

We invite you to celebrate our 85th year with special events this October.  We will continue to serve you in our garden, or yours. And we are grateful for the opportunity.

photo credit….Old gas station prices given to us by a dear friend on our 80th. The sunflowers grow near the waterfall and the “plus” sign came from Crape Myrtle wood. Hope you like our “story problem” that shows our age!!