Breedlove Landscape Landscape Architecture Spring Jubilee

Jubilee…..I love that word.  It contains all the festivity of a celebration without any of the fuss.  A ” seizing of the moment”……let’s pick some flowers, take a walk, or plan a meal.  It’s making a party out of an ordinary day.  Throwing together what you have on hand, adding a bit of what the French call “whimsy”, and there you have it:  an impromptu jubilee!

Spring is like a jubilee after a long, cold, dreary winter.  The jolly fountains of school-bus-yellow forsythia, coral-colored quince, pinky-purple Jane magnolia, all cause our winter-weary souls to rejoice.  Next come dogwoods, azaleas, and don’t forget the petticoats that frill our borders:  tulips, hyacinths and all their kin!  Birds are chirping, and blue skies give way to puffy rain clouds, then all of a sudden spring arrives in a jubilant symphony!

Sometimes life doesn’t feel like a jubilee….our loved ones go off to war, or we fight wars here at home:  the hardships of life, love and loss are constant enemies.  If nothing else, the seasons remind us that change is inevitable …..that while the glory of spring does not last forever, neither do the dog-days of August.

Paul and I love our work.  We are grateful to plant in your front yard or send you home with a pot of flowers.  We live our work, often making garden schemes early in the morning or after hours.  Our prayer for you, as well as ourselves, is that God will refresh our winter-weary spirits with his glorious creation—-spring.  Hurry on out, it won’t last long!