BLOG…..What an odd combination of letters that causes something in my rational mind  to make sense of the word… acronym maybe?  Bet (you’ll) Love Our Garden…… Bits (of) Lovely Ornamental Graphics?  Or perhaps a shortened version of a word such as Blogometrics, Blogopoly, Blogoholics?  Hmmm….how to blog about gardens?

Our work is with tangible beauty, and does not translate well electronically.  Visit a garden that takes your breath away, click a thousand pictures and seeing them, you wonder why you took them…. or where you were.

The same happens when we draw gardens.  You can do it the old fashioned way, that is with a pencil and paper.  Or you can type coordinates into a computer and after a bit it spits out a drawing of a house and garden that leaves me cold.  Nothing like a few smudges of wiggly lines to bring warmth, definition and life!

On the other hand, read about a garden and it marks your brain with an indelible picture.  You carry it around in your head, refining, planting, pruning till just the right thing happens.

Being passionate about your work is stylish these days.  We are the third generation to be passionate, but it is more than stylish for us- it is an abundant blessing to love our work, for if we did not, how could we sweat in summer, freeze in winter, worry about fresh nursery stock in a late cold snap, keep men on the payroll for the 11th day of rain, travel back roads(that our GPS does not know exist) in search of an elusive camellia variety that nobody grows anymore?  We are no different than farmers, really.  And perhaps that’s a bit why we do this.

Paul and I love our work.  We are grateful to plant in your front yard or send you home with a pot of flowers.  We live our work, often making garden schemes early in the morning or after hours.  We are both one generation away from agrarian life.  We are farmers who build gardens and this rented bit of electronic airspace will be occasionally filled as time and inspiration allow.  Thank you for visiting.